Edgar Palencia Rubio

INSEAD MBA | Passionate about Tech, Innovation & Sport | Enthusiast Photographer

    A Brief Look At Me

    What about Edgar?

    Problem Solver

    As an engineer, I am equipped with a set of analytical skills and mindset that I use on a daily basis to confront any sort of upcoming problems.


    Living in the present yet with eyes and mind open looking upon the future; capable of identifying and establishing long-term goals, and planning the necessary steps to reach them.


    High regards for team building and team working; bringing people together as well as approaching and integrating different forms of ideas and solutions.


    Incredibly curious and eager to learn. Enjoy exploring and experiencing different cultures and meeting people from all over the world.


    Strong drive to establish and achieve personal and professional goals.


    I am not afraid of taking risks and tend to push myself out of the comfort zone, likewise to improve myself every day.


    A Brief Background

    About my experience

    Project Manager
    International Focus

    I am an Industrial Engineer with international experience in Spain, Iceland, China and Brazil across different industries such as digital strategic consulting, telecommunications, and ground and flgiht simulation-based training solutions, among others.

    I started my career with Vodafone in Spain as Information Specialist, joining them through its talent search programme.

    Afterwards, I arrived in China as a business consultant with 2Open in the pursuit to improve and grow in an international environment and in a different culture. It didn’t take long to adapt myself to the company and the country, as I was promoted to led the project management for the growing startup, assuring the quality in the execution, monitoring the budget, and controlling the planned schedule.

    Later, I worked autonomously, capitalizing my knowledge developing web and brand design projects for companies in China and Spain.

    In 2015 I joined Simumak, a company that offers simulation-based training solutions and that is part of everis Aerospace and Defense. I had the opportunity to work in São Paulo as Operations Analysis Manager, reporting directly to the COO. Soon I gained autonomy to propose and execute projects such as the creation of a system for spare parts management and another for travel and accommodation management.

    I came back to Spain with Simumak as an international business developer in 2017, I managed to create relationships with multinational companies and distributors, generating 450k€ in sales.

    Currently, I work as Simulation Project Leader in the Aerospace and Defense division of everis, where I develop market entry studies, prepare business proposals and tenders, and create project specifications and plans to support business development managers.