Who I Am

My Qualitative Self

    Edgar Palencia Rubio

    Edgar Palencia Rubio
    INSEAD MBA | Industrial Engineer

    Industrial Engineer with business acumen born in Ávila, Spain. I consider myself lucky of being influenced by different cultures as I’ve been able to call home places such as Reykjavík (Iceland), Shanghai (China), São Paulo (Brazil) and, of course, Madrid (Spain).

    I played basketball for semi-professional teams over 10 years, so it is hard to imagine any day of my life without the practice of sport, whether it is basketball, working out at the gym, running, swimming or any other form of exercise.

    Fascinated by photography, traveling, Rap and French Electronic music, science, strategy, architecture, design, good spicy food, and even better conversations.

    Seeking to push myself hard while improving and learning day after day; reaching my own goals and pursuing my limits.

    World Citizen

    The Sportsman

    Since I can possibly remember, I’ve always been playing with a ball. I began playing football (soccer for Americans) since I was a child, first as a field player and then, for the most part, as a Goalkeeper. I also played in other disciplines such as Badminton and Table Tennis. In all these sports I was able to get different trophies at local level.

    When I was 16, I changed that ball for a bigger one and started to practice basketball, tough change since I barely had played it before. I began to play in the under categories of Óbila C.B. in Spain and two years later I joined the EBA League professional team. Later, I earned a scholarship to study and practice basketball at the same time in the LEB Plata League professional team.

    After this period, I tried to pursue a professional career in basketball and moved to Madrid to devote myself full-time to the task. I played and was part of teams like C.B. Alcobendas and C.B. Pozuelo.

    I also had the pleasure to be part of a foreign team while playing abroad, the ÍR in Iceland. With this team, we conquered the Reykjanes Cup, a preseason tournament, in 2010, just before I had a season-ending injury in my right ankle. A tough moment, since I was playing then the best basketball I have ever played.

    I finally hung up my shoes after almost 10 years of playing basketball and several injuries on my back. Nowadays I enjoy sport going to the gym or playing recreationally with friends and peers.

    The sport has helped me to develop a set of personal skills such as drive, self-discipline, teamwork, time management, commitment, and leadership.

    The Amateur Photographer

    I have become an enthusiast of photography art and use it as a way to express both my creativity and my views and sensitivity of my surroundings.
    I love architectural, landscape, and urban photography, but above all, getting into rooftops of buildings for the unique perspective of the cities.